Angel from the hit comedy horror series My Pussy's Possessed experiencing cat scratch fever.

Angel demonstrates cat scratch fever for fans!


I look at Lisa, as a DISEASE… She suffers from the type of self-centered narcissistic POODLE POOP most actresses in Hollywood suffer from. 1) She thinks her litter doesn’t stink 2) She’s thinks she’ll one day be hugely famous. 3) She thinks the world should crawl around her on tippy paws. That’s ok, because she’s now dealing with powers beyond her understanding. And it doesn’t take much to go beyond her understanding believe me.  Soon she will decay and die.

LISA SUFFERS from what Ted Nugent calls, “CAT SCRATCH FEVER.” The disease called Cat Scratch Fever is also known as, Bartonella Henselae. It’s typically spread through contact with an infected cat bite or scratch. Symptoms include: bumps or blisters, fatigue, swelling, headache, and of course…duh…fever. If you’ve seen the first episode, you know how Lisa got it. And I take ALL THE CREDIT.

But I assure you…just as I’m no ordinary adorable, cute, sexy, smart, seductive, succulent, and sassy KITTY CAT – this is no ordinary version of the fever, either. While Lisa may be a GINORMOUS 3B (Brat, Baby, Bimbo), she’s going to suffer dearly…I’ve put a hex on her that’s just started to spread. And why shouldn’t I? She tried to move in on my man. All who do so shall suffer an ugly demise! So stay tuned…oh and…TED NUGENT ROCKS!!!

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Yours truly,




First, this is my blog (duh). Second, I’m a cat, which means, I don’t have a thumb (double duh) so don’t expect much. Still I’ve got claws and I know how to use ‘em. (Think: ZZ Top’s hit song “She’s Got Legs” but only with the word “claws” instead of “legs”).

I want you to know that you’re puuuurty privileged to be reading this, since it may be the only blog on the planet written by a cat. I was going to call it FCBC (For Cats By Cats, but it’s not for cats, since cats are NAWT my readers. Cats don’t read blogs, stupids! They got better things to do. Like eat, and sleep, and dip the nip. Unless, they happen to be possessed like me.

I know what you’re thinking, why am I possessed, and why am I reading a blog from a cat? Well, I can’t answer that for you right now, because what I tell you might freak you out, so, you’ll just have to keep watching our episodes to find out. Just go to http://www.mypussyspossessed.com to watch for yourself. Our first episode launches in September 2011.

Basically, my problem is that Nick (you can call him my owner, I prefer boyfriend) doesn’t realize that I’m the only girl for him. He’s got what he needs right here at home, soft, cuddly, sexy, puuuurfect.

Yeah, I can be a little demanding at times, but that’s because I know what I want, and I deserve it. I’m one sexy cat, not some ugly butt faced dog. These skinny Hollywood bitches…I don’t know what he sees in em anyway, they’re just skin and bones, and you know how the story goes, only a dog likes a bone.

Well, that’s it for now. Nick’s waking up, and he’s going to totally freak out if he CATches me on his computer!

Later kitties,