“Why I Dominate!”

ImageI am puuurfect, full of poise and grace. If I fall I always land on my feet. I’ve got “real” claws ladies…so, put your fake nails away!  While most women have only one life to live…I’ve got NINE! I don’t need make-up, I can see in the dark…and even better yet…I’m supernatural. I’m not your average feline. I’ve got abilities you haven’t even begun to see yet. I’m in league with the forces of feline darkness. There’s not a woman in the world that can keep up with me. As soon as Nick realizes it he’ll be sorry for even wasting his time with other women! I’ll make it simple. Here’s my list:

6 Reasons…I Dominate

1) I always land on my feet. (ok, paws, but it’s the same thing)

2) I got real claws. (NOT fake nails)

3) I got eight extra lives (cats got nine to your one)

4) I don’t need make-up.

5) I can see in the dark.

6) I’m so super; I’m supernatural biotches!

Yours Truly,